Vapor 123 eGo-T Tobacco Flavor

Price : $99.95

Vapor 123 eGo-T in “Rich Tobacco” Flavor
Every Vapor 123 “Rich Tobacco” Kit is ready to use with an “eGo-T”” Li-Ion battery, a clear atomizer, a USB charger and a reservoir with 2 ml. of “Made In The U.S.A.” E-Liquid containing 1.6% nicotine.
Unlike other e-cigarettes, our atomizer has a unique dual system of air circulation and doesn’t use cotton, meaning that with each puff, it creates a far richer taste and a more pleasant fragrance than other brands. In addition, the Vapor 123 e-cigarette has an extremely user-friendly refill system that makes it simple and fast to refill even for first time users.
Our unique Lithium-ion battery holds its charge longer than batteries in other e-cigarettes, meaning several hundred puffs before recharging which only takes a few hours. So there is no need to be repeatedly recharging the battery throughout the day as with other brands. Recharging is flexible and extremely easy by connecting the battery to its wall adapter or, thanks to our unique USB connector, by connecting it to a computer or any device that powers accessories by USB. Uniquely, our e-cigarette can be smoked while the battery is plugged in, meaning no waiting for smoking enjoyment.
All our E-Liquids are formulated and blended in the U.S.A. by a FDA-approved chemist, using only the highest quality ingredients. Each flavor is available to purchase separately in a convenient 30ml size and with or without nicotine, or with nicotine in different amounts.

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